Love in Store


Can two sworn enemies find true love?

When Emilie Evanson encourages Julia Mathilda to open a boutique in Hollow Creek, little does she know the distress it will cause. Distress for Julia Mathilda’s spoiled niece, McKenna, who will assist with the shop, and distress for the new sheriff, Clayton Beringer, who finds sparring with McKenna more taxing than apprehending criminals.

McKenna Chapman would prefer to be anywhere but the backwards and uncivilized town of Hollow Creek, Montana. She especially could do without that obnoxious, but handsome, Sheriff Beringer. For what type of lawman insists on traipsing into the boutique in search of criminals? Does he not know the first thing about proper etiquette?

When Clayton Beringer agreed to take over the sheriff’s position in Hollow Creek, he knew he might have to capture dangerous criminals on the lam, but he never figured he would have to contend with an uppity, and unfortunately, beautiful, clerk at the boutique.

While McKenna and Clayton do all they can to resist the growing affection between them, a true crime is being committed in Hollow Creek. Will they come to terms with the fact that they love each other—and catch an outlaw in the process?

Enjoy Love in Store after reading Love in Disguise or enjoy it as a standalone.

*Please note: Love in Store is a faith-filled Christian historical romance.