Dreams on the Horizon


Can love overcome all obstacles?

Mae Shepherdson’s dream of a school for the deaf has finally come to fruition. All is going well until she receives devastating news: the railroad wants to build a spur through the property where the Horizon School for the Deaf is located. What will become of the children who attend the school and the employees who so tirelessly commit their time and resources? Mae questions why God would allow the closing of a school that has been the lifeline for so many young pupils. And what of her dream that no child should endure being ostracized as she once was?

Landon Bennick is accustomed to obeying his father’s orders. He’s observed and even assisted with the building of many railroad spurs, and the newest in Horizon should be no exception. However, things grow complicated when he begins to fall in love with Mae, a soft-spoken teacher at the Horizon School for the Deaf—the same school blocking the railroad’s progress. Will Landon heed his father’s strict demands or is there another way to build the spur and save the school?

When nefarious characters bent on seeing the railroad project succeed begin to threaten innocent lives, will Landon intervene before it’s too late? Will he take a stand, not only to save the school but also the woman who has claimed his heart?

Return to late 1800s Horizon, Idaho, for this heartwarming and tender romance by the author of the Wyoming Sunrise Series, Hollow Creek Series, Montana Skies Series, and Love Letters from Ellis Creek Series.

Horizon Series:
Over the Horizon
Dreams on the Horizon
Beyond the Horizon (November 5, 2024 and available for preorder)

*Please note: Dreams on the Horizon is a faith-filled Christian historical romance.